Meet the team



Founder & social worker

Kristy is the founder of Flash Farm. Through her own personal experiences and experience as a social worker, Kristy saw a need for an alternative form of therapy. Kristy saw the positive impact that animals can have on a person and the way animals can break down barriers. This ignited a passion in Kristy for Animal-Assisted Therapy. After a lot of research Kristy decided to start Flash Farm to provide an opportunity for people to receive the love, care and kindness that animals can offer. You'll often find Kristy sharing carrot sticks with our alpaca Pluto

Favourite animal at the farm: The horses, Millie, Sally and Joker and Pluto (alpaca)



Personal Assistent, Graphic design & photography

Stephanie is an extremely talented graphic designer and photographer. The bond between Stephanie and the animals is amazing to watch as Steph has endles patients with the animals.    You'll often find her roaming around the farm with her camera in hand, just waiting for an opportunity to capture the essences of each of the animals. 

Favourite animal at the farm: Leroy (goat) & Chirpy (silkie chicken)



Volunteer teacher

Keith is currently volunteering at Flash Farm, he comes with many years experience in the education field as a teacher. Keith has a passion for guiding and encouraging youth to reach their fullest potential. You'll often find Keith over talking Ellie the micro-donkey. 

Favourite animal at the farm: Ellie (micro-donkey) & Piglet (miniature pig)



Jason is currently undertaking his tafe placement here at Flash Farm. Jason is currently completing his Diploma in Community Services. He is a very dedicated and passionate youth worker and has extensive knowledge in farming. You'll often find Jason enlightening us with random farm related facts. 

Favourite animal at the farm: Ellie (micro-donkey)


Farm hand

Willliam is a kind and dedicated farm hand who looks out for the wellbeing and welfare of all the animals at Flash Farm. You'll often find Will outside with the cows.

Favourite animal at the farm: Walter and Bilby (cows)