Flash Farm offers individual sessions for people of all ages, these are personalised to the individuals needs


Life ready

The Life Ready program is designed for young people aged 11-17 years. Flash Farm's Life Ready course is about teaching life and social skills and understanding thoughts, feelings and emotions. Life Ready also helps teach young people how to manage life's tricky moments. The Life Ready program gives young people an comprehensive learning and development encounter that focuses on personal growth. 

Activities Include:


  • cooking

  • personal hygiene and grooming

Animal education

Understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings and emotions

Social Skills

  • connecting with the community

  • team games/activities

  • building and construction.

student wellbeing

Flash Farm's Student Wellbeing course is designed for young people aged 11-17 years, whom are struggling with or disengaging from the education system. The Student Wellbeing program is well suited for students who enjoy hands on learning. 

activities include:

Animal husbandry and land management


  • permaculture theories and principles

Teamwork, leadership and communication skills

Social skills

Looking at life beyond school

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For more information about the programs offered at Flash Farm or to inquire about enrolment please contact us here.