Flash Farm offers individual sessions for people of all ages, these are personalised to the individuals needs


Life and social skills

Flash Farm’s Life and Social Skills program is a structured and supportive program for young people aged 7 to 18. Group programs run during the school terms.

This program offers young people the opportunity to undertake in-depth personal development and a wide-ranging learning experiences.

Program activities included:

· Teamwork and team building

· Cooking Skills

· Animal Husbandry

· Social Skills

· Building and Construction

· Gardening

· Farm maintenance

· Connecting with community

· Mindfulness

· Behaviour/emotion management

create community

This is a group for people over the age of 18. The focus of Create Community program is to bring people who like to garden, create art and participate in craft activities. This group allows you to expand your social interactions and learn and develop skills in a supportive environment.

For more information about the programs offered at Flash Farm or to inquire about enrolment please contact us here.