Hi, I’m Millie! When I was a baby I was seized by the RSPCA from a property in Warrack. My original humans hadn’t been taking very good care of me and my family so the RSPCA took us in and took care of us. I had an injury to my eye at the time, the vet didn’t think I was going to live very long because it was pretty bad. They took my eye out to see if that would help, and it did! Then as I got better the amazing people at Horse Shepherd Equine Sanctuary took me in. They helped me find a new home, at first no one wanted me because I was missing an eye and people found it scary, but the humans at Flash Farm saw me and thought that I would like it there. So I hopped in this weird contraption they call a float and I went home with them. I really like all the people that I get to hang out with, sometimes it can take a little while for me to trust them, but they give me pats and carrots so I guess they’re not too bad. I love galloping around the paddock with the other horses, it’s fun having races with Joker and Sally because I always win.